Photographer: Events, Weddings, Portraits – Austin, Texas

About Me

My name is Martin Whitton and I’m an Austin, Texas wedding photojournalist. I’ve lived in Austin (and now in Pflugerville) for about 10 years. I’m a native Texan. My family settled in North Texas in the mid 1800s, where I resided until I went off to college. I recently married the most beautiful and intelligent woman I’ve ever met and we now have a 1 year old son together who is more loving and clever than you could imagine.

I’ve been shooting weddings since 2006 and last year I photographed over 70 different events, including more than 30 weddings. But photographing lots of weddings doesn’t make me a great photojournalist or the right match for a particular bride and groom. I ask each couple that I meet with to look at my work and to get to know me and discover whether I’m the right fit for the most important day of their life: Wedding Day!

Am I the right photographer for your wedding? You be the judge. View my photos here… or go to


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