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We Use Auskabook Wedding Albums!

Martin Whitton Photography in association with Austin Americana Photography proudly offers our brides the professional, modern beauty of Asukabooks.

Here are some examples of online wedding albums you can take a look at that were converted into coffee table-style wedding albums for our brides. Of course it’s difficult to appreciate the quality of the albums without actually seeing them in person.

Jennifer & Stan’s Wedding Album

Ashley & Adam’s Wedding Album

We love Asukabook because they are professional looking, elegant and easy to design with a quick turnaround so brides don’t have to wait an eternity to see their wedding in print.

About AsukaBook

AsukaBook USA is an international company located in Bend, Oregon. Our parent company, Asukanet, started manufacturing coffee table books in Japan in 1995, and continues to print and bind books for clients worldwide. Asukanet asked Kevin Kubota to be their USA representative in 2005 and thus AsukaBook USA launched in March of that year. Business has been booming ever since! Kevin is also the owner of Kubota Image Tools, Kubota Photo Design, and Red Boot Design™.

Kevin’s business mantra is “to empower photographers, and everything we sell and do is designed around that simple principle. If it won’t help you make money, or become a better photographer, we won’t offer it.”

AsukaBook USA was one of the first companies to offer professional quality coffee table style printed books for photographers. AsukaBook USA is widely endorsed by professional photographers and graphic designers because of the exceptional quality of our products. We offer a superior product with a polished look that is very popular with photographer’s clients.

AsukaBook USA products have received the Hot One award in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2010. AsukaBook USA is proud of these accomplishments and strives to continue to be innovative and provide customer service that exceeds all expectations.


12 Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Wedding Photographer.

I’ve written several times about what separates serious professional photographers from any person off of the street who has a Digital SLR. I certainly don’t want to discourage the “newbie” who’s just starting out and learning about photography, but I’m continually hearing horror stories from brides and other wedding professionals about how a “photographer” was hired to photograph a wedding and didn’t deliver in one way or another.

First, let me say that there’s nothing wrong with a person who’s interested in photography going out and buying a new DSLR and experimenting with it; there’s no better way to learn that through experimentation with your camera. That’s how I started out as a photographer and many other photographers start out using the self-taught method as well. Where new photographers have to be careful though is in being aware of the range of their abilities and knowing when to say “no”.

If you’re new to photography and you don’t fully understand how your DSLR camera works (be honest with yourself) and your friend who’s getting married next week asks you to photograph their wedding what do you say? Many “newbie” photographers gladly say yes and are hopeful that everything will turn out well. If you’ve explained your inexperience to the bride and that you wouldn’t feel comfortable shooting the wedding and she insists, you should still say “no”.  Why? Weddings are significant, milestone events in a person’s life that happen once and can’t be re-created. This scenario is definitely not the time to experiment with your new camera, at least not in an official capacity.

But many amateur photographers have gone a step further and actually solicited weddings far below standard wedding photography rates, only to confess later (after serious failure) that they were not prepared for the demands that a wedding can impose on a photographer.

I personally feel very passionate about this subject (bad wedding photography) because in many cases the events surrounding the unraveling of good wedding photography can be prevented by good habits, good technique and preparation. Here are 12 things you don’t want to hear from your wedding photographer, all loosely based on true stories.

1. Oops! I just accidentally deleted all your wedding photos from my compact flash card (CF Card).

2. Oh, sorry. I’m no longer in the photography business and I don’t have archive copies of your wedding photos/digital images/negatives.

3. The good news is that I have your wedding images; the bad news is that I’m going to have to charge you more than I had told you before.

4. [On location, at your wedding] I’m not feeling well and I have to leave now. Sorry about not being able to shoot your wedding.

5.  Oops, I forgot to load my camera with film. Can we re-do those photos?

6. [On location, at your wedding] Umm, I forgot to print the bridal/engagement print you ordered. Oh well…

7. Sorry I’m late. (insert excuse for being late here)

8. I know some people in your wedding party said I was hitting on the guests, but I really wasn’t. Honest.

9. [On location, at your wedding] What’s wrong with me wearing flip flops and jeans to your wedding? It’s cool, right?!

10. I know I told you that I could shoot your wedding next week, but I’m going to have to cancel on you because I have another wedding.

11. I’m having equipment issues. Can we re-do those shots?

12. I don’t normally drink this much when I work at a wedding. I don’t know what happened!

All of the 12 things listed above are from situations where an amateur had the opportunity to be professional and do the right thing, but did not. Don’t let these things happen to you. Talk to friends and family who have worked with a professional near you. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional photographer with a track record. You’ll be glad you did.

How Do I Find The Right Wedding Photographer?

Last year I wrote a few articles on the subject of weddings and wedding photography and this is one I’d like to share again in case you missed it. I think it has some great little bits of information and it’s written by a real wedding photojournalist – me! 🙂

Finding a wedding photographer can be a daunting task given the sheer number of photographers in large Texas Cities like Dallas, Austin & San Antonio; A search of the Austin, Texas Yellow Pages yields over 393 professional photographers alone! And let’s not forget the “weekend warrior” photographer, who operates off of the photography grid and whose numbers can only be estimated. So how does a bride find the right photographer in a sea of wedding vendors? Here are some suggestions:

1. Referral = 1st hand experience. If you know someone who got married recently then make this your first lead. Check out the photographer’s website or portfolio and talk to bride/groom who hired them. If you like a particular photographer’s work and he/she gets a favorable review, make an appointment to meet with them. If you like a photographers work that you’ve found elsewhere, don’t be afraid to ask for references.

2. Pick a photographer based on his/her style. If you like his/her photos from past weddings, then you’ll probably like the photos they capture at your wedding! Find out what is the photographer’s primary style? Traditional posed shots? Candid or artistic? Photojournalistic? Other? Then decide which style you like best.

3. Try not to meet with too many photographers. Ideally you will want to select less than 5 wedding photographers in your area whose style you like and who are in your price range (don’t be afraid to ask this question when telephoning). Meeting with too many photographers will get confusing and will likely be counterproductive to your search.

4. Do you like the photographer you met with? This is the person that will be following you around for hours photographing you, your fiance’ and family/friends on your big day. Be sure it’s someone that you feel at ease with; otherwise your uneasiness will show up in the photos.

5. Ask to see images from an entire wedding (start to finish). Just about anyone can put together a slideshow of good pictures they have taken over the years. But a professional wedding photographer can capture great photos from every segment of a single wedding – bride dressing beforehand, ring exchange, kiss, formals, 1st dance, bouquet toss, etc.

6. Request a wedding day photo schedule. One element (possibly the most important) of wedding photography that is frequently overlooked is the Wedding Day Photo Schedule, which details when shooting begins/ends (i.e., number of coverage hours), who will be photographed during formal photos and provides a specific time line for each wedding event that will be photographed. If the photographer doesn’t provide one, then request it – it will be invaluable.

7. Is there a limit to the number of photos captured? Find out how many photos the photographer estimates will be captured on wedding day and how many photos will be provided after image selection/editing. Most photographers who use digital cameras can give you an estimate based on the number of hours of coverage provided at the wedding.

8. Do you get a CD with full-sized images? Many photographers are reluctant to provide you images from your wedding on CD, even though you may pay them handsomely for covering the event. Ask about getting the images on CD and if this costs extra.

9. Inquire about back-up cameras and equipment. Does the photographer you are meeting with have back up equipment in the case that his/her equipment malfunctions or fails? Professionals will frequently have on hand 2-3 cameras, numerous lenses, and at least 2 of everything else. Wedding photographers always have to be prepared for the unexpected!

10. Beware of inexpensive photographers. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is applicable when it comes to wedding photography. If someone posting on Craig’s List offers to shoot your wedding for $250, it’s probably b/c they are new to photography. If your wedding budget doesn’t allow you to hire a professional and you think that photographs from wedding day aren’t that important, then hiring an amateur may be OK. However, if images from the big day are important to you, then don’t skimp on photography; hire an experienced professional. You’ll be glad you did.


1., 2009.

Martin Whitton is a professional wedding photojournalist who lives and works in Austin, Texas.

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Canyon Of The Eagles Wedding

lace strap wedding dress

wedding dress on hanger

Canyon of the Eagles Resort is a state-of-the-art event center located in the Texas Hill Country and within a 940-acre nature reserve, located on the banks of Lake Buchanan and the Colorado River. It frequently hosts vacationers, wedding parties and anyone looking to get away from it all and get back to nature.

There are apparently lots of opportunities for guided tours, hiking, site-seeing and more at Canyon of the Eagles (COTE). But I’ll simply give my impression from the experience I had there while photographing a wedding recently.

First of all, COTE is far removed from city life and as a result nearby wild life is abundant and present. It’s a Hill Country afternoon drive from Austin through the rolling central Texas hills which is to be thoroughly enjoyed.

When I arrived with all my photo gear in tow I noticed immediately that the place looked cleaner and newer than when I had photographed a previous wedding about 18 months before. I was greeted by Al, the manager, who was friendly and welcoming. He mentioned that COTE was under new management.

Bride and her father walk down the aisle toward Lake Buchanan

As I began photographing the bride and groom prior to the ceremony I observed the beautiful arrangements and setup that the COTE crew were working on – beautiful flowers, linens, dishware all arranged neatly. As the photos continued it became clear that a rainstorm was coming so the staff were quickly able to make arrangements to move things from the outside patio indoors, something that brides should consider when choosing a venue.

The wedding ceremony for my couple was held outdoors (as the storm clouds loomed in the distance) on a hill overlooking Lake Buchanan. The ceremony was simple: Purple flowers, white chairs, flower petals strewn down the aisle and decorative flowers seasoning the wedding trellis.

The bride and groom wore simple black and white; bridesmaids donned purple dresses with beautifully colorful bouquets. There were two flower girls and one ring bearer – the bride and groom’s dog.

After the ceremony ended everyone walked over to the expansive, stone patio – complete with large wooden rocking chairs, a fountain, a bar and a beautiful view of the setting sun.  As the sun set and as everyone relaxed with a cool drink a sense of peace settled over everyone.  I’ve never observed so many smiles at one occasion!

Later a few raindrops fell and the entire wedding party rushed inside to begin the reception. The COTE staff had already prepared an amazingly beautiful and delicious meal for the 100+ attendees. And it seems that no matter where you are on the Canyon of The Eagles property (indoors, on the patio, out under the trellis, etc.) you are at a great vantage point over the lake to see the sunset.

Beautiful, neatly set table at Canyon of the Eagles

View of flowers on the patio at COTE

Once the rain stopped and everyone finished eating the party moved outdoors again, onto the patio. The bride, groom and their families all took turns sharing dances and toasts together beneath the moon light, ambient light and the outdoor decorative lighting to end a wonderful evening and joyous occasion.

Bride's Father Prepares To Speak and Make Toast

Bride and Groom Dance Beneath The Moonlight

See More Photos from this and other weddings at


New Wedding Engagement Guestbook!

Martin Whitton Photography is pleased to announce the release of our beautiful, new wedding book: The Engagement Guestbook!

wedding guestbook

engagement guestbook allows space for guests to write!

So, what is it? Well, The Engagement Guestbook is a hardback, coffee table style book which incorporates engagement photos of the couple-to-be along with lined, decorative pages for wedding guests to write personal messages to the bride and groom.

What’s exciting and different about the The Engagement Guestbook you ask? Well, for starters it’s a brand new idea and a new trend in wedding photography to have what our special book provides. Many brides display a framed engagement print at their wedding and also have a special guestbook for guests to write personal notes in. But The Engagement Guestbook combines both of these concepts: Beautiful, personalized photos of the couples’ engagement bound in a hardback book that includes space for guests to write special messages during the wedding ceremony/reception. How great is that?!

guestbook is full of your beautiful engagement photos!

Imagine beautiful photos of you and your fiance’ captured by professional photojournalist Martin Whitton. Martin carefully plans every detail of your engagement session at one of the many sought-after venues in and around Austin, photographs you and your fiance’ with style and grace, and then designs your Engagement Guestbook using exciting photographs from your shoot.

We’ve teamed up with new album design professionals to offer the Engagement Guestbook to brides-to-be in the Central Texas Area at an affordable price. Martin Whitton Photography offers you access to samples one of our new books upon request as well. Check out the photos and email or call for details about how you can have your Engagement Guestbook designed and delivered on or before wedding day! We know you’re going to love it!

guestbook is hardback, color and has custom text for your wedding!


Martin Whitton is an accomplished wedding photojournalist who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Schedule your own personal photo session with Martin by emailing