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Who Is Elmo Tide?

I stumbled onto this interesting photographer’s photos through NPR’s website. He’s a bit of an enigma, but his photos are simple, yet fascinating slices of strange Americana photography. He photographs people in the streets, wrestlers (luchadors) in the ring, smokey backroom scenes and much more. He’s apparently only made 2 uploads to his Flickr page, but there’s lots of amazing work to see. He is a photographer who captures the imagination. View more and his interview here:
My favorite Elmo quote was when he was asked if he had a desk job. He responded:

A desk job is very much like a nose or a boob job in that being unhappy with who we are we hide behind someone else’s creation. I made a very small desk from an old matchbox and 4 blood stained tooth picks. I carry it in my breast pocket. In the matchbox is a tiny tome written in classical Arabic which I cannot read.

Elmo’s Flickr page:

Grilling (Fun Friday Fotos)