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Star Hill Ranch Wedding

Ever thought of having your wedding on a movie set in Texas? Perhaps you didn’t know such a thing exists, but it does! It’s called Star Hill Ranch and it’s located right here in Central Texas, about 30 minutes from downtown (depending on how you drive), out near Hamilton Pool (near Bee Cave) in West Austin.

In 2002, the movie The Alamo was filmed on the set of Star Hill Ranch. One of the reasons that Star Hill Ranch was chosen is because it resembles an old west town. The 30-acre tract has one main street of dirt lined with antique buildings and churches that were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, giving Star Hill Ranch the look of a western town.

Star Hill Ranch - A Popular Wedding Venue in Austin

Creating the town was the brainchild of architect and 5th generation Texan, Adam Woolley, who dreamed of creating such a set for years before making it happen and opening officially in 2004.

“Some childhood dreams DO come true. By the time Adam Woolley was nine years old, he knew that someday he wanted to create a town of his own, just like his great-grandfather’s hometown of Industry (the first permanent German settlement in Texas, near Brenham). When his fourth-grade teacher asked the class to write an essay on what they’d like to do when they grew up, Adam earned an “A” by detailing plans remarkably similar to what he has put together, thirty-four years later, in Bee Cave. ”

“My goal was never to build an Old West town,” he explains. “I was aiming for a Hill Country town – the kind of civilized, self sufficient community that European immigrants built when they came to Texas. I wanted a location close to an urban area where people could go to experience that lifestyle; one where people could just step off into an earlier time.” – Hill Country Magazine Online

Groomsmen at Star Hill Ranch Wedding

Star Hill Ranch hosts many different events including movies, weddings, corporate events and more. On site facilities include a historic, indoor chapel, an outdoor arbor (for outdoor ceremonies), a bride’s house, a groom’s quarters, large and small reception halls which can accommodate up to 300 people, a bier garten and lots of fun props including a windmill, wagons and more.


Church at Star Hill Ranch Wedding

Bride & Father at Star Hill Ranch Wedding

Wedding Reception at Star Hill Ranch

Star Hill Ranch

Bridesmaids at Star Hill Ranch

Bride & Groom at Star Hill Ranch Windmill

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