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Austin Americana Photography Goes “Green”!

Austin Americana Photography is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Greener Photography to become the greenest photography studio that we can be. How? Well, there are many small things that we can do, environmentally speaking. But first, what does “green” mean?

Wikipedia defines “green” (also, eco-friendly or environmentally friendly) as, “synonyms used to refer to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies considered to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment.[1] To make consumers aware, environmentally friendly goods and services often are marked with eco-labels. But because there is no single international standard for this concept, the International Organization for Standardization considers such labels too vague to be meaningful.”

Being “green” is still new and a concept for which a foundation is currently being laid. Each individual has an idea of what being “green” means to him or her. Here’s how we intend to become a greener studio, some of which we already do:

  • When buying new equipment is necessary, we buy products from the following green companies that have a strong commitment to the environment and various environmental programs: Canon USA, Fuji Film, Kodak, LowePro and UPS.
  • We offer green products when available, including recycled paper and other recycled products related to albums.
  • We offer clients a CD of images after wedding day (as opposed to huge numbers of print proofs that get thrown away).
  • We use high efficiency automobiles (when travel is required).
  • We pass along all unused electronic equipment to others who use it.
  • We pass along broken equipment to local recycling centers.
  • We combine home/office working space to save energy.
  • We recycle all office waste.
  • We use recycled materials for printing and wherever possible.

We realize that there is always more to do and improvements to make in order to fully realize the potential of becoming green and reducing our carbon footprint (calculate your carbon footprint here) on earth. Therefore, we intend to continue our effort to become the greenest studio that we can be my making continuous positive changes to how we do business, one step at a time.

Zilker Botanical Garden Engagement Session

From The Greener Photography Website:

Greener Photography, a non-profit organization, actively seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of the photography industry by educating photographers, suppliers and the general public about the benefits of going green. The organization was founded by wedding photographer Thea Dodds and portrait photographer Dawn Tacker who were both looking to make their studios more environmentally-friendly. Finding the resources necessary for greening their businesses, however, proved challenging. Dodds and Tacker found themselves spending countless hours researching and sifting through information, often trying to decide what was truly an environmentally friendly option, versus a product or service just jumping on the “green” bandwagon.

“After we spent an enormous amount of time and energy doing the research to make our own businesses more eco-friendly, we realized that other photographers really could benefit from this information. If we could help other photographers more easily green their studios, we’d be not only be helping the photography community, but also the environment. That’s when Greener Photography was born,” said Tacker.

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