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“Getting Ready” Wedding Photos

I have a lot of favorites when it comes to photography of weddings, but I think one of the things that I enjoy photographing most is watching things unfold before the ceremony as the bride and groom get ready. You can almost feel the magic and mystery in the moment of anticipation – it’s the calm before the storm when you can almost feel the electricity in the air. The bride and groom ready themselves both physically with elaborate costumes, jewelry and makeup for one of the biggest moments of their lives: when they will stand before their friends and family and a higher power to commit to one another everything they have.

Normally for the groom and groomsmen it is a time of camaraderie and reflection. But for the bride it is the foremost time of her life where she shines like never before. All of her bridesmaids, her mother and other family members recognize that she has officially made the transition from single daughter to independent woman. Like a burgeoning flower, her beauty is in full bloom and at this moment her womanhood has come into full fruition. Everyone around her recognizes the amazing, glowing aura that emanates from the bride. She is confident and hopeful for the fortuitous future that lies ahead of her and her groom.

Bride Looks Into Mirror Before Wedding Ceremony

Like I said, the “getting ready” shots are a fun thing to capture with a camera. The moments before the wedding ceremony are frequently bursting with emotion and excitement. And if I do my job right as a photographer all this is translated into the images that my camera captures.

Bride's Dress on Hanger

Stylist Applies Makeup To Bride

Bridesmaids Help Fit Bride w/ Her Dress

Groomsmen Having Some Fun Before Ceremony

Mom Applies Some Finishing Touches To Bride's Gown


Bride Gazes Into Mirror

Bridesmaids Lend a Helping Hand To Bride

Bride And Her Flower Girl

Groomsmen Prepare For Wedding Ceremony

Bride Does a Makeup Check...