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Snow Day 2011! (Fun Friday Fotos)

Today turned out to be a snow day for most people in Austin, TX. When we woke up we discovered around an inch of snow stuck to driveways and grass – something that doesn’t usually last very long in Central Texas. And the snow was something that most people had been anticipating for days. Temperatures have been below freezing for most of the week, which is abnormal for most of the year here. We even had some water piping that temporarily froze, which was unexpected as well.

Roman and I ventured outside late this morning to see the snow, which ironically was already melting (ironic because temperatures have been steadily freezing for days). This is Roman’s 2nd snow and he still doesn’t quite know what to do with it. But I did catch him smiling a few times, despite the wind and cold temperatures. Maybe next year we’ll get some more time off and build a snowman… 🙂

The view from behind our home