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Fun Friday Fotos (Circus, Dogs, Etc.)

Next week I plan to blog about some experiences I’ve had while photographing weddings. The subject will be about capturing great photos at weddings in a sea of guests who all have cameras pointed at the bride. I have some great photos to share and some tips for wedding photographers on how to handle different situations, so stay tuned.

Guests taking photos at wedding

Fun Stuff. We visited the Shrine Circus a few weeks back. We got all packed up and ready to go, coupons in hand, Roman’s changing bag, green tea, warm coats, and the cameras. When I arrived and pulled out my Canon 5DMii Digital SLR (the camera I shoot most of my events with) I realized that I didn’t bring a CF card, the device that stores images on the camera. I just laughed.

I guess a lot of photographers wouldn’t want to admit something like this, but I will. If you ever visit my house you’ll see that I have a detailed check list pinned to my wall that I review before I leave home to drive to one of my events. Friends visit us, see the checklist and laugh. But, to date (knock on wood!) I’ve never left behind any important equipment that I would need at a photo event, like a wedding, thanks to my checklist – which is a big deal for wedding photography. Apparently I should start using my checklist for my personal life too.

So the photo below was snapped with one of our old point-and-shoot cameras from the nose bleed seats in Cedar Park Center. Even though the photo is not of the highest quality, I still like it.

A visit to the Circus

This photo was taken recently at a friends house. Roman decided that he was a big fan of their dog and wanted to see what it was like to hang out in the dog house. Their dog is really well behaved and didn’t know what to think of a little boy encroaching in the place where he sleeps.

Roman checks out the doggy cage


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