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Archive for February 24, 2011

Fun Friday Fotos (Feeding the Ducks)

This past week we visited a duck pond at a park in North Austin. My son Roman is an avid animal lover and he loves seeing the ducks and just being outside. When I was growing up I remember spending almost all my time outdoors and I can definitely identify with him and his need to connect with nature. So it was easy for my wife, me and him to say yes to an afternoon visit to see the ducks and geese. What was funny and a little ironic was that the various water fowl didn’t really seem hungry or interested in the bread we brought them. Now I realize that bread, crackers, tortillas and other starchy foods are probably not a “normal” part of a duck’s diet, but that is what you feed the ducks when you visit, right? Unfortunately (or fortunately for the fowl) there are so many regular visitors to the pond toting food that they have lots of grub to choose from and they don’t want for something to eat. At any rate, Roman enjoyed chasing the ducks, and the occasional squirrel. I think we even got a sunburn. Go figure…it’s Texas in February…you just never know about the weather!

The duck with his/her head up seems really annoyed that he's being mooned by the other duck. I think it's funny!