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Professional Photograph With Borders And Information

Austin Americana Photography frequently receives phone calls and emails from people who have special photography-related requests. The requests are varied and we never know what kind of work or special task will be required. Normally the requests from potential clients relate to things you can do with specialized camera equipment, specialized software, or general photography expertise.

This week a potential client called to inquire about a special editing for a business portrait. Austin Americana frequently provides portrait services to corporate, business and other organizations, as well as individuals and families. But what the caller needed was taking his portrait one step further. He asked if we could “jazz up” his professional portrait a little by adding a white, customized border around the photo and include his name on the portrait, which he could then include on his website and potentially make prints of the image.

I told him that we can easily provide this service. Adding borders and lettering to prints is a relatively simple procedure and turnaround time is quick (usually a day or two). I’ve included a few examples of what the work would look like below. In reality, there are many more options for adding borders and lettering to the photographs. And the application for this kind of photo is ubiquitous.

A personal portrait with an added border including text could be utilized by lots of people. Examples of its use include:

–         Actors Head Shots

–         Musicians Portraits

–         Corporate/Business Portrait

–         Real Estate Agent Portrait

–         Art Gallery/Artist Portrait

–         Business Card Photo

–         Band Photograph

–         General Advertisement

–         Marketing Photo

–         Many more options…

Austin Americana can easily provide clients with portrait services that include images with specialized borders containing information. We can also add a border with information to photos that you have copyright usage of. Have a question or special request? Email us at

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