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Our New Kitty: Maru (Fun Friday Fotos)

Recently, my wife decided we needed yet another animal to add to the flock at our home, so she brought home a kitty named Maru. Maru’s story is a little more complicated I suppose, and perhaps I shouldn’t be so dismissive. In all honesty, Maru is a rescue kitty. My wife found her wandering without a home or without food near her work and turned her in to the custody of Town Lake Animal Shelter. But if you know my wife, you know that she is crazy about animals, especially cats. She kept up communication with the animal shelter to see if anyone would adopt Maru. Well, no one adopted her so my wife stepped up and did the adopting herself. So now we have a 3rd addition to our cats, which also includes our gray russian short hair named Apollo and our orange, “perpetually confused” tabby named Orion. They are already acquainted with each other and the kitty bonding has begun!


Maru Likes to be near the action, especially the sewing machine!


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