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Austin Wedding Photo of the Day: Austin Woman’s Club

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my friends who’s an engineer and who I consider to be very analytical (and very smart) and we were discussing technology. He made a point about technology, and in particular smart phones, causing people to develop shorter attention spans. At the moment he made the point, it didn’t seem very important, but the point about short attention spans has been haunting me lately. So I’ve decided to go with change (instead of fighting change) and I’ve committed to make shorter blog posts, much like my “burst blogs”.

My idea is to write a short paragraph related to photography at least once per day and include a new photograph associated with the discussion topic. That way things will stay short and fresh (and hopefully more palatable for the new generation of short attention spans!)

Here’s another wedding photo from Chateau Bellevue (Austin Woman’s Club). Enjoy!

Wedding at Chateau Bellevue