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A Trip To The Austin Zoo (Fun Friday Fotos)

My son, my wife and I recently took a few hours to visit the Austin Zoo. Based on discussions with other Austinites, I’ve discovered that many people in Austin don’t know much about the Austin Zoo, which is unfortunate. It’s located west of downtown Austin, off of Texas Highway 71.

Now if you are looking for fireworks, amazing exhibits and big crowds, then you’ll be disappointed in the Austin Zoo. However, if you are looking for a small venue to see animals that is low traffic and kid-friendly, then the Austin Zoo might be for you!

Mural of Zoo Animals in Austin

Nice Animal Mural at Austin Zoo

Some of the highlights of the Austin Zoo are:

–         Small Venue. To me, small venue equals “quality experience”, unlike the some of the bigger, sprawling attractions in Texas.

–         Bengal Tigers. Austin Zoo has a significant number of large, healthy Bengal Tigers which can be seen up close and personal!

–         Children’s Train. If you have kids who like trains, then don’t miss letting the kiddies ride the small train that runs on real train tracks throughout the park. The lady that supervises the ride is super nice and it’s only $2.50/person.

–         Petting Zoo. Your paid admission to Austin Zoo includes a bag of animal food to feed the goats, sheep and various other animals onsite. Who doesn’t love getting up close and personal in the petting zoo?!

One important note about the Austin Zoo – it is a non-profit organization that is considered an animal sanctuary, which makes it different from many zoos. If you would like to make a donation to support the animals at the Austin Zoo, go to the make a donation link.

There’s also lots of other things for children to see, such as special reptile exhibits, various primates, lions and birds. Is Austin Zoo fancy and expensive? No. But in my opinion that is a good thing. It’s affordable fun in a small package.