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Picking Strawberries in Central Texas (Fun Friday Fotos)

Last week my wife, my son and I packed into the car and took a road trip out of Austin to find some strawberries. We’re all really big fans of the strawberry, which we think not only tastes delicious but is also loaded with Vitamin C. My wife had heard that there were a number of pick-your-own fruit farms around Austin, so we selected a farm in Rockdale, Texas (approximately 1 hour from Austin) called Star Farmers Market. We had a great time there picking strawberries, watching the owners make strawberry jam and chatting. The size and quality of the strawberries exceeded our expectations, as did the friendliness of the staff (we met Amy, who was super nice and helpful). We were very glad that we made the trip from Austin to visit Star Farmers Market! And I know Roman had a great time too.