Photographer: Events, Weddings, Portraits – Austin, Texas

Coming Soon: Video Tips For Brides From An Austin Photographer

Last night while I was trying to sleep (after doing some online marketing research) I had a flash of genius. I realized that although I frequently blog about helpful topics and provide information for Austin brides, I’m not sharing all of my wedding experience with brides in one of the newest and most popular avenues: video. So I’ve decided to make a series of videos, which I’ll be soon sharing on my blog with brides and grooms about wedding topics I have experience with – and I’m excited to share everything that I know with brides. Some of the information I’ve covered before in past blogs, so I’ll try to condense my wedding tips and suggestions about wedding photography and all things wedding to something small and manageable. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experience with new brides and I look forward to the information exchange! See you soon (or you’ll be seeing me!) – Martin

Austin Bride with Veil

Austin/San Antonio Bride at Hotel Valencia


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