Photographer: Events, Weddings, Portraits – Austin, Texas

Austin Architectural Photographer

Night Photo of Wedding Venue

Mayfield Cottage Home Austin

Home at Mayfield Park

I was just looking back at all the events that i’ve photographed over the past 4-5 years and realized that I have quite a collection of architectural photography. Although being an architectural photographer is not my specialty, like many other photographers, I find myself having experience and expertise in more than one kind of photographic specialization.

Many of the architectural photos that I’ve collected were from wedding events that I’ve shot. And I find that deep down, I really enjoy photographing buildings, campuses and structures – both inside and out. In fact, one of the first photography classes I enrolled in at the University of Texas was a landscaping photography class. Here are some of my favorite photos from my architectural collection…

Renaissance Hotel Austin, TX

View From Inside The Hotel Of The Elevators

Downtown Austin, TX

Downtown Austin, Looking West On 6th Street @ The Driskill Hotel

Green Pastures

Green Pastures Mansion at Night

Inside of Hotel Valencia

Central Christian Church

Architectural Photo of Chateau Bellevue

Chateau Bellevue


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