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Falling In Love: Is Your Body Playing Tricks On You?

My wife and I were watching a movie last night where one character talked poetically about the beauty of falling in love, only to be criticized by their counterpart who said love was just a chemical reaction in the body and was not “real”. It got me thinking about all the many beliefs we adopt about love, whether it be from William Shakespeare’s writings or from a romantic story on TV. Is love at first sight a real phenomenon, and if so, what causes it and how much of it is metaphysical and how much of it is biological? All you have to do is perform a Google search on this topic, and like many subjects, a fountain of information appears at your fingertips. I stumbled onto this great love article which might give my readers some more insight and a starting point for investigating what is “falling in love”.

Oddly enough, a number of researchers and thinkers believe that love at first sight or the concept of falling in love may happen in less than a second when two people encounter one another. However, there are differing opinions on exactly what happens in the body and brain to cause the reactions we have. Don’t believe it? Think back to a moment in your past when you might have encountered someone who “swept you off your feet”. You may have had an instantaneous biological reaction, such as sweating, rapid heart beat, dilated pupils, confusion, lost concept of time (even if only briefly), nervousness, and more. Or maybe you can think back to when you first met someone who later became very close to you. Didn’t that person seem perfect and exceptional in every way, whether it was their appearance, intelligence, attitude or whatever? And yet later (once the “pink cloud” had faded) perhaps you began to notice that in fact the one you thought to be perfect, wasn’t quite as exceptional as your initial assessment.

It’s an interesting topic and fun to think about. Happy reading!

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