Photographer: Events, Weddings, Portraits – Austin, Texas

The Bridal Session: It’s all about the Bride!

In June I’m going to post a beautiful series of bridal photos that Austin Americana captured this weekend while on location at one of Austin’s most beautiful wedding venues: Laguna Gloria. And each time that I photograph a bride for her special bridal session I remember how important it is to remind her that the bridal photo is all about her! It’s not only the bride’s big day to shine in her new wedding gown, but the attitude that she has will inevitably show up in the photos that the wedding photographer captures. When she feels confident and happy, her photos show it – which makes my job much easier and enjoyable.

I must say that the sun room/parlor inside the villa at Laguna Gloria is one of my favorite places to photograph in Austin. The room is a rich alternating pattern of green and white, complemented by a restored, victorian-looking couch – all bathed in beautiful, natural sunlight. It’s a photographer’s dream come true (or at least mine). More photos coming in a few weeks…

Bridal Photo at Laguna Gloria

Silhouette of Bride at Laguna Gloria in Austin, TX

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