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Bests Months of the Year to Plan a Texas Wedding

Planning a wedding in Texas but not sure when to have the wedding? You’re not alone. Thousands of weddings are held in Austin, Texas alone each year and you are wise to be contemplating what month you should reserve for your wedding.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of when is a little more complicated than might first be anticipated. First let’s talk about the weather and then we can touch on some other potential issues that may affect what month you host your dream wedding.

As a wedding photojournalist, I’ve covered dozens of weddings in Austin in every month of the year. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly (weather). I’m here to tell you that in many cases, good planning on the part of the bride and groom can alleviate some problems and lead to a happier, more comfortable wedding.

Generally speaking, the weather in Austin can be relatively mild during many parts of the year. Austin doesn’t generally experience terrible snow storms or prolonged frozen periods like you might find in the Northeastern U.S.; and Austin doesn’t normally get as much rain as many parts of the U.S. either, which can eliminate some obstacles.

bride and groom at Zilker Botanical

On the flipside, however, we have an abundance of sunshine. And Austin temperatures in the Summer time can be downright miserable. In 2009, just 2 years ago, Austin posted 68 days of 100+ degree temperatures – almost 2 ½ months of scorching temperatures! The lesson: avoid peak summer weddings (July & August).

So what months do I recommend for weddings in Austin, Texas? In general I recommend spring and fall months, which normally are the mildest, most beautiful times of year for fair temperature and nice foliage. There are always exceptions, but I think the best times in Austin for weddings are:

Late March



Late September



No offense to anyone who plans a summer wedding, but I’ve never understood why summers are so popular for weddings in Texas. I personally love summer, as long as it involves swimming, shorts/flip-flops and something cold to drink. But imagine standing in direct sunlight wearing a full wedding gown or black suit, outdoors, reading your vows to your fiancé’. It can be miserable, and it kind of takes away from a moment that should be meaningful, not miserable.

Other considerations

Keep in mind that venues book events like weddings pretty far in advance, and the desired dates go fast, so it’s in your best interest to book early – otherwise you may end up with a date that you didn’t really want.

I’ve rarely photographed weddings that were interrupted by rain. Central Texas is pretty dry during most of the year, but you should always be prepared. Check with the venue to make sure there is a “bad weather” plan in place.

Depending upon location and time of year, wind can be a minor concern as well. Summer time in Texas tends to be when wind is of the least concern. Other times during the year, especially late fall, winter & early spring, it can be a little windy (in some places). For example, I photographed a wedding at Chapel Dulcinea, a small chapel sitting atop a hill in the hill country, where although late winter temperatures were mild, wind made things feel much, much colder. Be sure to visit your venue around the time of year you’ll be having your event. Good luck!

Austin Weather information provided by KVUE

Austin Weather information provided by KVUE and Austin American Statesman


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