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Long Center Wedding

Looking for a classy, first class large venue near downtown Austin for your wedding? The Long Center may be the place for you.

Austin Americana recently photographed Jesefa and Jeff’s 1st class wedding at the Long Center, which turned out to be amazing. 2 things that I liked most were security at the building and the amazing views, from both the outdoor patio and from the 2nd story, all glass reception room. Security at the center was better than I’ve seen at most places in Austin, limiting who came and went in the center. And the views can only be described by saying you have to see what I’m talking about to truly appreciate it.

Staff at the long center were very helpful and the wedding coordinator was always around making sure things happened on time.

Although the Long Center is normally associated with arts and music, it is also available for various events and functions. History. The Long Center was built on the ashes (so to speak) of the Palmer Auditorium, which itself was built in the 1950s. Years in the making, the Long Center required millions of dollars in donor funding in order to begin deconstruction of the old building and new construction of the new one. World class architects from Chicago were tasked with creating the amazing structure which stands today, and which had it’s grand opening just shy of 10 years after fundraising began, in 2008.

Some interesting building notes: apparently a large portion of the new structure for the Long Center was constructed from building materials that were salvaged from the old Palmer Auditorium. Acoustics for the new building are said to be well designed and make for great sound anywhere in the center. Although several performance halls exist within the center, the primary one seats approximately 2,400 patrons.

Other noteworthy features include amazing patio views of downtown and of Lady Bird Lake; one of the most convenient locations in Austin for dining and downtown access; and a large parking garage next to the Long Center.

From The Long Center Website:

The Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Center for the Performing Arts provides a haven for the arts and arts enthusiasts in Central Texas. Its flexible design coupled with a central location offers a variety of performance and event spaces for both private and public functions, meetings, conferences and performances. The Long Center’s theatre’s, performance and event spaces will showcase your upcoming performance or event and make a memorable impression for years to come. Please click on below links for more specific information and details.


Contact Information and Long Center website:

The Long Center for the Performing Arts

701 W. Riverside Drive

Austin, TX 78704

phone: 512.457.5100

fax: 512.457.5110



bride and groom at long center wedding

long center view of downtown austin


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