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The Miracle Moringa Tree

Looking for an easy day trip to a place near Austin, Texas? Take a moment to visit Abbey’s Garden (a Moringa grower) near Bastrop, in Cedar Creek, Texas. Sunny, who is the owner/operator is one of the most welcoming and helpful people I’ve met in a long time. She’s happy to tell you about the miracles of the Moringa Tree (which she grows and sells onsite). She also has Moringa products, Moringa tea and much more.

My wife, son and I have visited Abbey’s Garden twice already and we love visiting with Sunny and learning more about the Moringa tree, which no one else seems to know about. The tree is hardy, and apparently does well in hot, dry Texas weather. But that’s not all – you can eat the leaves, which are high in Vitamin A and other nutrients. The leaves are also ground for powder, toasted for tea and used for oils. And the list of cures that this little miracle tree provides is so lengthy that you’ll need to pick up a printed information guide, which Sunny has in-house.

And to make your trip more fun (after you’ve picked up some Moringa Trees and accessories from Sonny) you can also stop in at Bastrop Garden, which I blogged about a few weeks ago. It’s the local organic garden/supply, where you can pick your own veggies, buy plants and see a working organic farm. And just up the road, going west toward Austin, stop in to the roadside business called Berdoll Pecan Farm that sells fresh peaches, pecans and fudge (you can’t miss the super tall scrolling electronic marquis).

If you stop in at all three places, you’ve hit the Cedar Creek tri-fecta, and you can return home a happy, healthy (except for the fudge) and fulfilled Central Texas Traveler! Happy trails!

Moringa Tree

Moringa Tree


Location and contact:

Abbey’s Garden

2394 State Highway 71 W

Cedar Creek, TX 78612 USA
Telephone & Fax 512.308.9525

Berdoll Pecan Farm

2626 Hwy 71
Cedar Creek, TX 78612

Bastrop Gardens

316 Old 71, 1/2-mile off Highway 71, 10 miles from Bastrop. Call us at 30-FLORA (512-303-5672 — a metro number) or e-mail : Bastrop Gardens.