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Fredericksburg Wedding Preview

Austin Americana Studio’s latest wedding was captured in downtown Fredericksburg, at the Market Platz and at the Farm Bureau, just outside of town. Everything about this little Fredericksburg wedding had Central Texas makings; It featured Texas music, boots, hats, pickup trucks, fiddlers and the Hill Country, just to name a few things.

Cowboy wedding hill countrymarket platz downtown fredericksburgcentral texas wedding fiddler

Romantic Lakeway Wedding

I’m working thru editing some photos from a wedding at Lakeway Spa & Resort and just wanted to share a couple of images (actually the same image, 2 edited versions). It’s a wonderfully romantic wedding shot taken with the lake as the backdrop. But one great thing that we do for our brides (if you choose) is to give you options with your wedding photos. We can use our editing software to make a normal “color” copy of the image and then make a seperate “artistic” version of the same image, which can be fun and interesting.

Lakeway Resort & SpaLakeway Resort & Spa

We Love Babies!

Austin Americana loves our baby photos! Here are the latest shots from our baby session at our home studio with Sophia…

baby bow

austin baby photoaustin baby photographer

Digital Black & White Romance

Often, my wife accuses me of not being romantic enough. And perhaps she’s right. Sometimes, a photographer gets so lost in their work that they hardly have a personality at all. But the good news is that somehow I’ve managed to create ways of finding the romance (and maybe even inspiring some romance) in my photographic subjects. If you read my blog often, you know that I love black and white photography, and the image below is one of my favorites, at least at the moment, because it has two appeals: romance and black and white.

The photo was shot in downtown Austin, near 6th street and features a young, soon to be wed couple in a romantic pose. I’ll let the photo do the rest of the talking…

Romantic Couple

Austin Rock n’ Roll Wedding

A sneak preview of a rock n’ roll wedding photographed by Austin Americana recently, featuring the rock band L.C. Rocks.

Baby Photos Teaser

Austin Americana will be posting photos from our latest infant photo session soon. Until then, here are a few photos of the wonderful studio session with baby Sophia. She had more wardrobe changes than a runway model! 🙂

baby photo with bow

black and white baby photo

San Antonio Bride at Window

Here’s the pic of the day: a bride gazing out a window in the Hotel Valencia, in Downtown San Antonio, on the Riverwalk.

Bride at Valencia Hotel

Lady Bird Lake Bride & Groom

Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin always makes for a great backdrop with scenic views that look like they’re ripped from a quaint greeting card. In this image, my bride and groom requested that we take a limo from the wedding site to Lady Bird Lake for some romantic photos next to the lake shore. It was a fantastic idea and the photos prove it.

One other note. Sometimes, as a photographer, I notice photographs that seem a little “in the clouds” – photos that seem a little too unreal. One particular aspect I liked about this shot was the kayaker in the background. Some photographers would say that he ruined the shot, but I disagree. I think he brought the shot back into reality and gave it a connection to earth (bringing it out of the clouds)…

lady bird lake bride

Groomsmen at Wedding Near Austin

This photo was captured at a wedding that featured a very large wedding party, but were dressed in identical clothing. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I’m including them both. In my opinion, both wedding photos tell a different story that is determined by the viewer of course.

The wedding took place in a rural setting north of Austin and featured live string music, a barn, a cornfield, a classic convertible Mercedes Benz and much more tradition…

gray suit groomsgroomsmen gray suit