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Wedding Photographer Contract And Client Packet

AA Logo Lens Large (2)Over the years I’ve had people ask me about what kind of contract I use for my photography clients. Since the majority of my clients have been brides and grooms, I created a wedding photographer contract. Not every word of my contract is original, I must admit; I borrowed bits and pieces from contracts that I liked which I felt applied to my work and clients. After many years of massaging the contract, I feel like my contract is really thorough (it’s about 3 pages printed) and it seems to strike a balance between stating the obvious and a little legal jargon. I should say that the former – laying out what is expected of you and what the client expects – is one of the most important aspects of the contract. In my experience, when both parties know what is expected of each other, the chance of everyone being happy is extremely high.

When I meet with a bride and groom, I provide them with a packet of printed material to take home. The packet includes these 5 things:

  • Contract
  • Schedule
  • Questionaire (which I keep)
  • Package Pricing List
  • Frequently Asked Questions

These are all documents I spent a great amount of time developing so that my clients would be clear on what I would be providing and at what price. I also felt like providing these documents in a succinct manner would convey professionalism – something that every industry could always use a little more of. Each document is formatted to appear balanced and easily readable, and includes watermarks, contact information and the Austin Americana logo.

When meeting with brides who want a separate bridal portrait session I also provide a list of possible outdoor portrait locations around Austin. As you might guess the list gets longer every year with so many wonderful photo venues in Central Texas.

Therefore, in the spirit of sharing, I’m publishing a copy of the contract, frequently asked questions and schedule example that I’ve been using for years. I’m sharing it for strictly academic purposes and I’m certainly not providing any legal advice. But if you’re new to the business of photography, feel free to print a copy of it if you think it can help you.

Links to documents: