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Baby Photography

Baby Christmas Photos!

The great thing about the fall is that there seems to be a major holiday for every month, and for children, a reason to dress up in costume. In October there’s Halloween; in November there’s Thanksgiving; and in December there’s Christmas. Check out Baby Sophia’s super cute holiday outfits. Happy holidays!


More Baby Photos

Austin Americana has gone “baby crazy” lately, photographing our favorite little burgeoning baby model, Sophia. Here are some more great photos from her last session. So cute! See more at our Facebook page:

We Love Babies!

Austin Americana loves our baby photos! Here are the latest shots from our baby session at our home studio with Sophia…

baby bow

austin baby photoaustin baby photographer

Baby Photos Teaser

Austin Americana will be posting photos from our latest infant photo session soon. Until then, here are a few photos of the wonderful studio session with baby Sophia. She had more wardrobe changes than a runway model! 🙂

baby photo with bow

black and white baby photo

Austin Maternity Photographer

One of my first major projects with the new studio setup at my home was a maternity session of a couple whose wedding I photographed. When I started photographing years ago, I never really dreamed of having a Austin, Texas home studio with special lighting, backdrops and all the other equipment and gadgets needed for studio photography. But here I am, years later, amassing a collection of studio equipment and chasing the dream of a Austin, TX based professional photographer.

My dream when I started shooting years ago was to be an assignment photographer (based in Austin, Texas), kind of like those professionals who shoot all those amazing shots for magazines like National Geographic. They are handed an assignment or a directive and whisked off to some foreign, remote location in a place you know nothing about, returning after imbedding themselves into a culture with amazing photographs to share with the world.

Pink Bow on Mother's Baby Belly

Pink Bow on Mother's Baby Belly

But now that I’m married and have a little boy, my goals have shifted a little. My assignments need to be in short bursts of a day or so, and closer to home. My outlet (a camera), however, is still the same. This is where the Austin photography studio comes in. It seems that more and more professionals these days work from home. And what better job could you have than the one that allows you to work your own hours and have people come to you?! If I could only get National Geographic to pay me for working at my Austin photo studio…

But the next best thing is inviting my clients to visit my home and have their photograph taken there. Of particular interest are intimate portraits, such as maternity/baby photography, individual headshots and modeling photography – all of which are commonly performed in a quiet, lighting-controlled studio setting.

My recent studio portrait session of a couple who are expecting a little girl went really smoothly, which is a testament to preparation in the studio. Before they arrived I spent some time making sure my softbox lighting was set up just as I’d like it to be. I also took other precautions such as getting all the props ready (with the help of my lovely wife, of course), prepared seating with comfortable pillows and blankets, set up a black backdrop and took a few practice shots.

Our resulting maternity photo session turned out wonderful. I think once my subjects saw our baby and maternity props, as well as the studio setup, they became more enthusiastic about the photos and the value that they inherently have. And we had a great time.

Black & White Maternity Mom Photo

Black & White Maternity Image


Baby Photography

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing a brand new life: a baby girl! It’s not often that I get the opportunity to photograph babies, especially now that my son is getting into the toddler years, so I savor the joy and the challenge of photographing a little one.

Baby photography is challenging and fun for a lot of reasons. It can be challenging because babies are unpredictable and volatile. On my drive over to my shoot I wondered if my 3 week old subject would even be awake for our infant photo session, since babies of her age typically sleep all the time. But to my excitement she was awake and wide-eyed for almost our entire 1 hour photo session. Another concern was crying. We all know that babies cry and it’s something that parents can’t necessarily control, sometimes even with consolation and TLC. But again, baby came through with flying colors, as did mom and dad for being there to care for her every time she felt like crying.

Baby Feet!

Our photo session went off great. Baby was awake and alert for most of the session and how hard can it be to photograph the love and affection between parents and their newborn? For me it seemed easy and it was a rewarding experience. I hope that mom and dad enjoy these baby photos as much as I do.