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Chateau Bellevue Austin Woman’s Club

Chateau Bellevue Wedding Photos – Austin, TX

Located a block from “the drag” (Guadalupe Street) in Downtown Austin, Texas is a historic wedding venue called Chateau Bellevue. Since 1929, Chateau Bellevue has been maintained and preserved (and managed) by the Austin Woman’s Club. According to the website, “Architecturally distinctive rooms and antique furnishings inspire a timeless ambience at Chateau Bellevue.” And I definitely have to agree…

While photographing a wedding there, I observed many unusual features about Chateau Bellevue. Because of the hilly Austin topography in the area, the backside of the venue is multi-level, including an elevator transports guests back and forth among 3 levels. However, the San Antonio street-side of the complex presents a facade of a flat, single level building. Chateau Bellevue features arched stone walkways next to outdoor plazas and patios. Most of the building’s exterior is lined with aged, thick stone in the style of early 20th century/late 19th century American architecture. In fact, the rear of Chateau Bellevue looks almost as much like a reinforced 18th century fort as it does a wedding venue.

Just as the website description stated, the interior is lined from wall-to-wall with antique furniture, which lends a certain timelessness and genialness to the venue. The main ballroom can accommodate medium to large wedding parties and includes wood flooring, high ceilings, a beautiful staircase (which makes a grand entrance for new brides wanting to impress their guests) and French doors that open onto the stone patio.

Chateau Bellevue is a 1st class venue for Austin weddings or other events located in central Austin. Parking is free and relatively abundant. Need more information about scheduling Chateau Bellevue for your wedding? Contact Amber Dodson at The Chateau Bellevue wedding hotline: (512) 796-2583

Chateau Bellevue of the Austin’s Woman Club is located at 708-710 San Antonio Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Chateau Bellevue Austin

Austin Wedding Photo of the Day: Austin Woman’s Club

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my friends who’s an engineer and who I consider to be very analytical (and very smart) and we were discussing technology. He made a point about technology, and in particular smart phones, causing people to develop shorter attention spans. At the moment he made the point, it didn’t seem very important, but the point about short attention spans has been haunting me lately. So I’ve decided to go with change (instead of fighting change) and I’ve committed to make shorter blog posts, much like my “burst blogs”.

My idea is to write a short paragraph related to photography at least once per day and include a new photograph associated with the discussion topic. That way things will stay short and fresh (and hopefully more palatable for the new generation of short attention spans!)

Here’s another wedding photo from Chateau Bellevue (Austin Woman’s Club). Enjoy!

Wedding at Chateau Bellevue

Chateau Bellevue Austin Woman’s Club

Another one of Austin’s wedding venues which is a bit of a hidden gem is Austin Women’s Club/ Chateau Bellevue, located in Central Austin. I can’t help but believe that we as individuals make up a “collective consciousness”. I say that because a few weeks ago while I was talking to a vendor at Allan House where I was shooting a wedding, the topic of Chateau Bellevue came up and we talked about how it was so unusual with it’s multiple levels, historic look (right down to the antique furniture) and it’s connection to an older Austin, Texas.

So here’s where the “shared consciousness” comes in…The same week that our conversation took place about Chateau Bellevue, I received an email from a coordinator associated with Chateau Bellevue requesting images from a wedding I photographed there a few years back. So in the next week or so I’ll be sharing some of those photos, which will likely be available on the official website soon. Can’t wait to see…

Once I post more photos from Chateau Bellevue, you’ll be able to view them here…XXXXX

Chateau Bellevue

Chateau Bellevue