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Engagement Guestbook

Do It Yourself Wedding Guestbook

If you’re getting married soon or you just got married one of the things you may have considered is a wedding album. Traditionally, wedding albums were expensive, time-consuming and typically left to the photographer. But things have changed…

Today, brides have lots of options and an abundance of quality when it comes to albums. You can 100% control of the design and final outcome of your album. Want it to look like a magazine or high-quality coffee table style display book? No problem. Want a traditional leather-bound album? The options are infinite!

Austin Engagement Album

Engagement Guestbook Created by Bride & Groom

One other nice option that’s available to brides is what Austin Americana calls the engagement guestbook, which is much like the one depicted here.  It’s a book that we can design and print for you with custom images from your engagement session, or you have the option to do it yourself and tell your own story, much like the newlyweds did here at a recent wedding I photographed.

Have questions about what you can do and how much? Email us at – It very affordable and requires little effort on your part, and makes a beautiful addition to your wedding day!