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Model Photography

Model Photography

My philosophy on the art of photography is that there are always going to be better photographers than me out there photographing people and things. So it’s my job to become the best photographer that I can be by learning from those who know more than I do about photography. As a wedding photographer I’ve developed a system that has been very successful at capturing great wedding photographs and is consistent – 2 things that are important when it comes to being a great wedding photographer.

But what I’ve recently realized is that I’ve neglected some other niches of photography that I really love. I’ve been so focused on photographing weddings and sharpening my skills related to wedding photojournalism in Austin (the the business of wedding photography) that I’ve neglected my love of portrait and studio photography. And in the bigger picture, I’ve not been shooting much art photography, which can be fun and rewarding.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to take a chance and juggle a few things at once. While continuing my wedding Austin photography business I’m going start making more time for fun portraiture (like modeling, headshots, etc.) and also shoot more fun stuff that would be considered closer to “art” (whatever that means).

To kick off my new ascent into more portraiture I’ve joined a group of photographers called the Austin People Photography Group, which is hosted by MeetUp Austin and features instruction from one of my favorite Austin photographers, Tim, of Exquisite Photography. Tim frequently holds seminars and workgroups for professional photographers who are honing their skills in a particular niche field of photography, such as model photography, portrait photography, and much more.

I recently attended on of Tim’s MeetUp groups and really learned lots of great tips for improving my photography. He arranged for a model to be onsite for the attending photographers to shoot and provided lots of guidance for our session. I’ve included some of the photos I snapped of our model.