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Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark

Jews, Christians and Muslims all know the story of Noah’s Ark; the story goes that God told Noah to build a huge vessel to save him and his family from a great flood that would happen for 40 days and 40 nights. He was told to place 2 of every kind of animal on earth into the ark so that the survival of animals would be assured as well. It’s a colossal tale which is told every day to kids around the world, and I was one of those who heard it when I was young.

Recently when I was photographing a wedding at a church in North Austin I found a hand drawn, colored depiction of Noah’s Ark. In the picture animals are being loaded onto Noah’s ship, 2-by-2, as other animals look on from the boat. I really love this art work because it was likely completed by a child who had been inspired by the story at his/her church (I found the image hanging in the hallway near the Sunday School rooms). I love the piece because it’s so colorful and so well thought out. It gives one an idea of how powerful and creative the mind of a child can be and also how stories (or anything, really) can easily influence young minds. Just look closely at the picture and see the detail for yourself. Amazing!


Child's depiction of Noah's Ark.