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1st Meeting with a Photographer

So, during your event or wedding planning you’ve collected a few names of photographers that you plan to meet with. Perhaps you talked with friends or performed a Google search to find the Austin photographer that will ultimately be responsible for photographing your big event. It’s time to set up the meeting and you want to be prepared to make the most out of your appointment. How do you prepare?

The primary purpose of meeting, from the viewpoint of the client (you), is to determine if the photographer that you meet with is the right one for your upcoming event. Are they qualified? Are they experienced? Do you like their work? Do they fit into your photography budget? All of these and more are reasonable questions to ask, even if not worded so directly.

20 Questions to Ask a Photographer. As a professional photographer here in Austin, Texas, I’ve met with dozens of brides and heard just about every possible question that a new client might ask. From that experience, I’ve created a Q&A from the viewpoint of a new bride, i.e., what questions a bride asks a wedding photojournalist (link above). Although the questions are geared more towards weddings, many of the questions are universal for any event and can be applied to screening different kinds of events and professionals. The questions were developed by speaking with brides and doing research into what clients are looking for in a photographer. I’ve formulated the answers based on how I would answer the questions myself.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend asking a vendor every question that I’ve presented; instead, I recommend that clients look at the list of questions and see which ones seem relevant and important to their event. And those will be the questions that you will want to focus on during your photographer meeting.

So what happens when I meet with a bride and what does the typical bride do when meeting with Austin Americana Photography? Most clients I meet with know 2 essential things:

when their event is; and

– have a general idea of what they want.

But brides are frequently so overwhelmed by wedding planning stress that they may be a little unclear about what questions to ask and the details.

driftwood wedding

Bride at Driftwood Winery Wedding, Driftwood, Texas

Austin Americana makes it easy for brides, by providing them with:

-a packet of information, including a copy of my answers to typical questions a bride might ask;

-an example of our wedding day schedule;

pricing/package list; and

-a copy of our contract.

And all of which are discussed in our 15-20 meeting. One thing I don’t like is pressuring people, so my object when meeting with a bride/client is to ask them what they need, present them with some basic information about what Austin Americana Photography does and let them decide. And this kind of transparency in business has been (and I predict will remain) a successful strategy.

Feel free to contact me personally by email if you have questions about this blog:

Martin Whitton is a wedding photojournalist in Austin, Texas. He blogs on the subject of weddings, photographs Austin events and provides business consulting services to small business owners in the greater Austin area, where he resides with his family.

Interview With A Wedding Photojournalist

I recently ran across these 16 interview questions on a photo forum (which would be credited if I could find the link) and thought it would be interesting to answer them myself. So I did just that.

The questions and answers are written more towards newbie photographers who want to see how established photographers get started, but I suppose the audience could be anyone interested in the subject.