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How To Look Your Best On Photo Day (Hints & Tips)

So you’ve set up your appointment to get your photo taken at a lovely spot you picked weeks ago and now the day is here. But are you ready to look and feel your best on photo day? Here are some recommendations on what to do to prepare for the big day to not only look and feel your best, but to also have a successful and fun photo session with your photographer. I’ve used past experiences in photographing brides, couples and individuals in the Austin area to develop these tips…

1. Scheduling. Be sure to schedule your photo session early on, which will allow editing/processing time on the part of your photographer. Many people have to reschedule later anyway and you’ll want to allow yourself some wiggle room. You’ll also need time to get the prints completed and find a frame for your beautiful photo.

2. Locations. Is your session indoor, in studio, at work or outside? Don’t be afraid of trying a new location. Your photographer should have a list of many popular outdoor locations in the Austin area that to share with clients (I do!). If you need some ideas just ask! J

3. Attire. What do you wear to a photo session? I recommend wearing solid colors (no large logos). The rules in attire are wide open and you can wear just about anything. Just try to consider what statement you want your photo to make and what part your clothing will play – “This is my relaxed family at the lake”, or “I’m a professional at at my job”, etc.

Also, keep in mind that if you choose a location that requires walking you probably will want to bring comfortable shoes.

4. R&R. (Most Important!) Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before (i.e., no late night partying!). If you stay up late the night before it will definitely show up in the photos, so just rest and relax beforehand and you’ll look great!

5. Styles. Make sure your style matches that of anyone else in your photos. If one person is dressed up then make sure the other person follows suit and doesn’t dress casually. You don’t have to wear the same thing; just try to be on the same page, so to speak.

6. Makeup & Hair. Try to stick to the normal hair and makeup routine. You definitely don’t want to come off like you’re doing a Glamour Shots commercial with over done hair and makeup. Also, bring lipstick and lip balm.

7. Fun. Have fun on during your photo session! It’s your time to spend with your partner – so just sit back, relax and let your photographer do the work behind the camera – making you and/or your family look great!

Other suggestions:

–         In your spare time take a look at portrait photos online (just Google “portrait photos”) to get some ideas of what you like. There are a million poses and ideas out there. If you don’t really care then you can leave it to your photographer. But if you want to get creative and have more involvement then share your ideas with your photographer and your creativity will likely pay off.

–         Is there a fee or admission for taking photos at the location you are going? You’ll want to consider this before arriving.

–         What time does the facility close where you’ll be photographed? If you arrive just before closing time you and your photographer will feel rushed, which does not cultivate the relaxed environment needed for portraiture.


Couple Posing Near Downtown Austin For Engagement Photo



Individual Portrait Session/Headshot - Austin, TX


Portraits From A Doctor’s Office

This past week Austin Americana Photography visited an Austin doctor’s office for some professional portraiture. Although we don’t do portraits all the time, we occasionally do portrait sessions for professionals. And a nice service that we offer is coming to your office during your lunch hour (or whenever) and capturing portraits of you in the environment which you work.

When potential customers visit your business website, they love seeing photos of you doing what you do. And since a picture is worth a thousand words (as the old saying goes), the potential customer has the opportunity to make a personal decision about your profession based on what photo they see. And that’s where Austin Americana enters the picture, so to speak. We capture photos of you and your coworkers in the best light doing what you do. How exciting!

At the doctor’s office this week, we were able to complete quick, professional portraits of 2 doctors at the doctor’s office in less than 20 minutes. Quick, painless and effective!


Doctor's Office Portrait Session