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Zedler’s Mill

Texas Bride

Several years ago I photographed a bride-to-be at a park near Luling, Texas. As soon as we arrived it started to rain, which was disappointing, to say the least. I got out the plastic and wrapped up my equipment, hoping to make the best of the situation. But in about 10-15 minutes the rain stopped and what remained was clear, deep blue skies and an eery hugh of orange/yellow, which made for really rich, beautiful photos. The photo here was captured of the bride standing beneath the old mill that had stood at the site for over 100 years. It’s a classic…even in black and white.

bride at Zedler Mill

My Favorite Photo Locations: Zedler Mill (Part I)

In the next few weeks I’m going to post a series of blogs about some of my favorite places for wedding photography. Some of the places I’ll talk about are well known, some are practically unknown; some are in Austin some of the venues are not. But I think it will be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see some of the places that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

I thought about writing this blog about great wedding photography locations last night while updating my wedding photo slideshow. It seems like I stay busy with photography, always moving on to the next bride and groom or location and not spending a lot of time on specific shoots. One particular shoot location that really sticks out in my mind as both unusual and unknown is Zedler’s Mill (or just Zedler Mill). I photographed a bride there in 2009, during and after a rain event, which made the photos extra special.

Old Zedler Mill, Luling Texas

Zedler’s Mill is located in Luling, Texas, a sleepy little town of about 5,000 inhabitants between Austin and San Antonio that bills itself as the “home of the annual Luling watermelon thump.” Luling was a center of the Chisholm Trail and in the 1920s became an oil town with the discovery of crude oil. Zedler’s Mill was apparently built in the late 1800s to be utilized as sawmill, gristmill and cotton gin which would be powered by water from the San Marcos River, next to which it stands.

Today, Zedler’s Mill change has begun with the renovation of several buildings onsite.  The land next to the San Marcos River where the Zedler Mill once thrived has been converted to park space for everyone to enjoy. According to the Zedler Mill Foundation Website:

Bride Photographed At Zedler's Mill

Future plans include the restoration of the mule barns into an artisan village, the restoration of the actual mill physical plant, and the development of restaurant and lodging facilities across the street. We would like to restore many of the actual functions of the original mill for demonstration and educational purposes. We have already secured some working machinery from other mill locations to help us demonstrate actual mill operations that were performed at this site. Once these demonstrational and educational exhibits are put into place we will solicit school field trips, discovery tours and other interested groups.

In my opinion, Zedler’s Mill also makes a great place for bridal and engagement photos!

Bride Posing In Front Of Zedler Mill