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Austin Americana Photography©
Austin Americana Photography (512) 669-0020
Wedding Photography Contract
Wedding Date:_____________20____ Ceremony City and State: __________________
Bride: ____________________________________ Home Phone: _________________
Email: ____________________________________ Work Phone: _________________
Address: ___________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________
Groom: ___________________________________ Home Phone: _________________
Email: ____________________________________ Work Phone: _________________
Address: ___________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________
Services Provided by Austin Americana Photography:
Choose A Package: Add On Items:
Diamond – $ _____ Additional Hours – $200/hour _____
Platinum – $ _____ Individual Bridal Session – $300† _____
Gold – $ _____ Engagement Session – $225‡ _____
Silver – $ _____ Additional Photographer – $450§ _____
Palladium – $ _____ Rehearsal Dinner Coverage – $300® _____
Titanium – $ _____ Other ________________________
Coverage Plan Cost: ________
Tax (TX – 8.25%)…….. ________
Travel…………………. ________
Total…………………… ________
Retainer Fee………… ________
Remaining Balance: ________
This agreement entered into on _______________20____ is between Austin Americana Photography
in the State of Texas and doing business as Austin Americana Photography (hereinafter “Austin
Americana Photography”) and the undersigned (hereinafter “Client”) relating to the wedding of
________________________ and _______________________ that will take place at
_________________________________(location) at ___________ o’clock (time) on
________________20_____ (date).
Service Coverage
The Client agrees that Austin Americana Photography will furnish the services of a professional
photographer for photographic event coverage for the selected package coverage time beginning
at_________ (estimated time) until the conclusion of the event or for the maximum period called
for in the selected package, whichever is less. Additional hours will be billed at $200 per hour, billed
in 15 minute increments of $50. Austin Americana Photography will be the sole professional still
photographer employed for the wedding day. Simultaneous photographic coverage by another
professional photographer (excluding video) releases Austin Americana Photography from this
agreement and immediately terminates service coverage.
Payment Policy & Expenses
A retainer fee of $____________ (30% of Coverage Plan above) is paid to reserve event coverage for
the service coverage specified above. A remaining fee of $___________ plus any applicable sales
taxes, will be paid by Client at least 14 days before the day of the wedding, plus reimbursement
Austin Americana Photography©
Austin Americana Photography (512) 669-0020
(only if applicable) air fare, hotel and transfer expenses incurred by Austin Americana Photography
in performing the photographic duties expressed herein. All fees are non-refundable. Nonpayment
of any fees and/or reimbursements as described above releases Austin Americana
Photography from any and all obligations defined in this agreement.
Image Quality
All digital images provided to the Client are color corrected using professional photo software. Our
quality standard is measured by five guidelines:
1. Highlight details are visible;
2. Shadow details are visible;
3. Whites are clean with no overall color cast;
4. The image has no overall color bias (this does not apply to color balance for lighting conditions);
5. Flesh tones are believable.
Because lighting conditions and movement provide constant challenges, we cannot guarantee the
quality of any image.
Review and Selection
Original images of the wedding are the property of Austin Americana Photography. Images will be
presented to the Client for viewing usually within 2-4 weeks of the event. These images are
protected by Federal Copyright Laws. The images may be viewed for purchase upon completion at
Limitation of Liability
While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the
wedding events, Austin Americana Photography’s entire liability to Client for any claim, loss, or
injury arising from the photographer’s performance is limited to a refund to Client of fees paid.
Because this is an uncontrolled event, Austin Americana Photography cannot guarantee delivery of
any specifically requested image(s). In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances
beyond the control of the photographer, a substitute photographer of high qualifications may be
dispatched by Austin Americana Photography to fulfill the obligations of photography herein
Ownership & Release of Images
Any reproduction of any image produced in connection with this agreement is prohibited without
specific written consent of Austin Americana Photography. The Client hereby grants to Austin
Americana Photography and its legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted
right to use and publish photographs of the Client and guests, or in which the Client and guests
may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising, stock, commercial and any other purpose and in
any manner and medium consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment; to alter the
same without restriction; and to copyright the same. The Client hereby releases the photographer
and his legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs.
Venue Rules and Guidelines
Austin Americana Photography makes every attempt to respect and abide by any applicable church,
officiant, or other event venue photography rules and guidelines during a wedding event. The
Client is responsible for providing Austin Americana Photography with a printed copy or an
electronic (.pdf, .doc, etc.) copy of any applicable rules and guidelines which govern photography at
a wedding event location at least 14 days prior to the wedding event day. The Client agrees to
accept the technical results and limitations which may be created as a result of the photography
Austin Americana Photography©
Austin Americana Photography (512) 669-0020
rules and guidelines’ imposition on Austin Americana Photography. Negotiation with the applicable
church, officiant, or other event venue for rule or guideline change is the sole responsibility of the
Guest Conduct
Austin Americana Photography does not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behavior, nor will it
share its time or compete with guest photographers for the attention of the subjects. Unchecked
guest conduct that interferes with photography may seriously affect the quality of the photographs
taken and increase the number of times photos must be re-taken. If the Client is unable to control
the conduct of their guests, resulting in an unacceptable degree of misconduct or if the conduct of
any of their guests damages the equipment of the photographer or if guest conduct threatens the
safety of representatives of Austin Americana Photography, it will result in the early or immediate
departure of the aforementioned representatives. The Client understands that in such an event, no
refunds will be granted.
Miscellaneous Fees
Late Payment. As stated above, the remaining balance on Client’s Austin Americana Photography
account (to equal 100% of wedding photo package amount) is due at least 14 days before the day of
the wedding, plus reimbursement of any other applicable fees. Past due accounts (defined as an
account where full payment has not been made by the due date) may incur a $49 late fee for each
month that payment is delinquent, beginning the day after payment is due.
Rushed Editing. Photo editing in most circumstances requires a minimum of 10-14 days. Once the
editing process is complete, the Client’s edited images are burned to a CD or DVD and mailed to
the Client, requiring additional time. If you require “rushed” editing (an editing time-frame of less
than 10 days), a $49 charge may be added to your account for each photography session.
This agreement is comprised of 3 pages and cannot be amended by any party. In addition, this
agreement is made, and, in all respects, is to be construed under the laws of the State of Texas and
of the United States. Please initial each page where marked and sign below.
X_________________________________________________ (Client) Facsimile signature to be
deemed original
Client name (please print): _____________________________________
Address (if different than above):
City: _________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: ______________
Home Phone: _____________________Email: _________________________________
Work Phone: ________________________Cell Phone: ________________________
X__________________________________________________________ (Representing Austin
Americana Photography)
† – Bridal Session: 1.5 hrs
‡ – Engagement Session: 1 hr
§ – Additional Photographer: 3 hrs
® – Rehearsal Dinner: 1.5 hrs


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