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Our 3 Kittens (Friday Fun Fotos)

Fun Friday Fotos. Our gang of kitties…

Apollo, Orion & Samantha Napping

The 3 Amigos (or stooges, depending on the day)

Samantha Loves Attention

Our New Kitties!

I can’t help but share with the world our two newest family members: Orion and Apollo

Our new kitties

Apollo (left) and Orion (right) - 2 new family members!

We are delighted to have these two little devils as members of our home and as playmates for our son. Apollo is smoky gray and was the smallest kitten in the litter. Orion is peachy, white and much larger but from the same litter. They love to play fight all day long with each other. They also like to wait until my son is asleep and then ambush him together. We put little bell collars on them so we can hear them playing or running anywhere in the house. They are a lot of fun and have completely different personalities. Apollo is quiet and lovable. He enjoys quiet time and sitting with us on the couch to watch tv and relax. Orion on the other hand, likes to constantly be busy hunting or playing.

We brought Orion home a few weeks before Apollo because Apollo was too sickly and small to come home with us at the time. While Apollo stayed behind with temporary foster parents, Orion got comfortable with us at home, constantly eating, playing and growing. When we finally were able to bring Apollo home, who was significantly smaller than Orion, we worried that he would feel inferior in a new place with his bigger, stronger brother. But Apollo doesn’t let anyone take advantage of his small size and stature. He asserts himself like a bigger cat and shows his bigger brother up all the time with sneak attacks from atop the couch and from behind corners.

But of course both kittens have to watch their back as our son, Roman stumbles around near them, constantly trying to pick them up to carry them both and give them crushing little boy bear hugs. If we had a “cute” meter in our house it would be sounding off 24/7! 🙂 We are all definitely one big happy family now…

Apollo the kitty

Apollo takes a break from attacking Mica's necklace

Orion the kitty

Orion poses for a photo inbetween wrestling matches