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Artistic Wedding Photos

Recently I had a bride ask to see some “artistic” wedding photos. This is definitely something that we do, albeit not as much as I’d like to.  There are two parts to an artistic photo: framing and editing. When you frame the image you make it appealing to the eye. In the editing process afterward you can add cool effects. Here are some examples. There’s almost no limit to the possibilities when getting creative with photos…

Bride Photographed At The Valencia Hotel In San Antonio

Couple Posing Near Downtown Austin

Bride Poses In Wind

Couple Kissing

Outside Building On Guadalupe Street - Austin

Family & Friends Wait For Bride & Groom To Emerge

Bride At Laguna Gloria

Bride & Groom At Sunset - Canyon Of The Eagles

Engagement Photo Near Downtown Austin

Central Christian Church Wedding

Photographer Bio: Who Are We?

Martin Whitton is a native Texas photographer who has been photographing people and places since 2002. He has traveled extensively worldwide and has developed a deep love for travel photography, attempting to capture classic images of people and their culture in ordinary situations.

Although Martin’s roots began in travel photography, he regularly photographs Central Texas Weddings, photographing 75+ weddings and related events in 2009 alone. He also has contract experience in commercial photography work with Seiko Instruments and smaller businesses in Texas. His art photography has been exhibited at numerous venues in Austin, Texas.

Martin met his wife Michaela in Austin while taking dance lessons. They fell in love with dancing (and each other) and married in 2009. Martin and his wife still live in Austin, along with their son Roman.

Getting To Know The Photographer: 3 Questions

Why Did You Start Your Business?

I started Martin Whitton Photography because I have a passion and talent for photography. All businesses are in business to make money. However, I enjoy what I do (shooting people and weddings) so creating a wedding photo studio was a natural and sensible thing to do.

What Makes You Different Than Other Similar Businesses In Your Community?

I could say that my passion or my talent for photography set me apart, but there are lots of passionate, talented photographers here in Austin. I believe what truly sets Martin Whitton Photography apart from many other photographers is professionalism (respecting clients, dressing professionally, etc.) and extensive experience with shooting weddings. My team is consistent in providing our clients with all of these positive aspects, and success has followed.

What Do You Like Most About Your Community?

Everyone likes to keep Austin weird, and we love that too. But I like the energy that the University of Texas breathes into this community. It’s the energy of creativity, openness to new things and a desire to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Questions? Email Martin at