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Austin French Legation Photos

In the past few weeks Austin Americana Photography has photographed many events. Recently I was given the opportunity to photograph some new friends at a location that has some personal significance to me: Austin’s French Legation. The French Legation is significant in many ways; in 1839 France recognized The Republic of Texas as an independent nation and entered into an alliance treaty with the new republic. France soon sent a special envoy to Austin, Texas – Jean Pierre Isador Alphonse Dubois de Saligny with the special title of chargé d’affaires. He wasted no time contracting the building of the French Legation to Texas, which still stands in the hills just above downtown, east of IH-35.

The French Legation is also significant to me because my family assembled there years ago for a special family photo, which was a special occasion for me because not only was my entire family included in the photo (including myself), but I was also the photographer. Using a tripod and a timer switch, I was able to pose my own family on the steps overlooking the carriage house and open area at the French Legation. It’s one of my favorite family photos, even until this day.

This week I had the pleasure of being able to photograph a family at the French Legation. They selected the location from my “Recommended Austin Locations” list that I share with clients and they loved the place. It has great views of the city, plenty of greenery (and in this case, colorful fall/winter leaves too), as well as the historic houses which have been standing for 100+ years.

The staff at the Legation, Franke and Sarah, were super friendly and helpful. They are always eager to share information, discuss history with you and give tours and the designated hours of operation. I highly recommend stopping by for a tour of the French Legation. You can also become a “Friend of the French Legation”. Austin French Legation Website: