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Chapel Dulcinea – A Free Wedding Venue

Did you know that there is an outdoor wedding chapel in Austin that is free?! Yes, I said free!

It’s called Chapel Dulcinea and it’s located about 20 miles south of downtown Austin on the way to Wimberley, Texas. It’s a beautiful (but small), open-air wedding chapel that is open to the public for usage. It’s architecture style can be described as southwestern adobe style, like you might see at a 1800s mission church somewhere in the Southwestern United States. It overlooks rolling hill country scrub brush and a wide open skyline. Chapel Dulcinea is a part of the Wizard Academy which describes itself as “a non-profit organization teaching the communication arts.”

Chapel Dulcinea - Austin, Texas

One of the first weddings I ever photographed was at Chapel Dulcinea, so it is a place that has some personal significance and meaning in my life. There’s something very spiritual about the open nature and architecture of the chapel itself as soft breezes pass through the columns atop the Texas hill where it sits. Being there makes you feel like you are taking a trip back in time to some old Texas village, where life was slower and simpler.

Chapel Dulcinea at the Wizard Academy also offers a free outdoor pavilion, the ability to rent chairs and tables, indoor reception facilities for rent and a large, wide open campus which is all on private property and secluded. There is ample parking and facility staff are always onsite during business hours.

Bridesmaids Approach Chapel Dulcinea

Is your wedding date available at Chapel Dulcinea? See their website for more details about registration and to determine if your wedding date is available on the Chapel Dulcinea Calendar.

Bridesmaids Take a Break From the Texas Heat

Happy Bride After Chapel Dulcinea Ceremony

Bride & Groom Ring the Wedding Bells at Chapel Dulcinea

The French Legation

One of the fun things about being a wedding photographer is getting to experience different venues where weddings occur. The average person probably only attends a few weddings in one year. However, A wedding photographer has the opportunity to visit dozens of different churches and reception venues each year.  Although I haven’t yet photographed every venue in the Austin area, I’ve been to quite a few. Each week in my blog I try to talk about a new location where I’ve photographed.

It’s fun for me to recount my experience, my likes and dislikes about each place. But it’s also fun to share what I’ve seen with anyone reading my blog, especially engaged couples who may benefit from the information.

In my mind there are lots of places in Central Texas that are unknown to many people and that there’s something magical or amazing about and I’m just dying to share about each of these little gems. One place in particular, which not only is a beautiful venue but also has historical significance to Austin is the French Legation.

French Legation

On ce upon a time the little settlement of Austin (which at the time was called Waterloo) was a part of a changing political landscape. During the 1800s, Austin was more a part of Mexico or a territory unto itself more than being part of the United States. At the time, Texas had a strong relationship with France, which decided that a French representative should be stationed here in Texas to represent the interests of France. Sometime around the year 1840, France dispatched Alphonse Dubois de Saligny to Austin to act in France’s stead. At the same time he began constructing several wooden structures on the premises, which still stand today.

In 1940 the property became a museum operated by the Daughter’s of The Republic of Texas and was opened to the public. The French Legation estateis located just east of IH-35 on 8th Street in Austin, Texas.  It can accommodate small wedding parties and groups for receptions or other events.  The French Legation is known for it’s white, wooden buildings that sit atop a green, tree covered hill which overlooks downtown. It’s a quiet, majestic place located near Austin’s downtown scene.

French Legation Austin, Texas

It’s also a great place for family photographs and bridal sessions.


More info: (512) 472-8180

French Legation Carriage House

French Legation Hours Of Operation

French Legation Estate