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Drought and Low Lake Levels in Central Texas

As everyone in Central Texas knows, we are currently in a severe drought, with no rainfall in sight. I don’t live near the lake, so when I arrived for my photo shoot in Lakeway on Lake Travis a few days ago it really hit me how dry things are. At the time these photographs were taken, the lake levels for Lake Travis were less than 640 ft, approximately 30 feet less than the normal average lake levels according to LCRA data.  Of particular interest to me were the bare, white rock shores of the lake; in most places on Lake Travis near Lakeway Resort & Spa (on the southernmost portion of Lake Travis) there is a large gap between where boat docks normally sit, and the much lower point on the lake where they now sit. Another interesting thing I witnessed was a pickup truck driving along the dry lake bed (where water would normally be at least 10-20 ft deep) in the bottom photo.

Hopefully our drought will end soon and this will all just be a memory next year. Hopefully….

Low Lake Levels at Lake Travis

Low Lake Levels at Lake TravisLow Lake Levels at Lake Travis