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Corporate Portrait Sessions & Individual Headshots

Did you know that we do personal headshots and corporate portrait sessions? Yep, we do that too! Although weddings keep things busy, we make time to photograph individuals for self promotion (like actors, musicians, etc.), seniors, and offices who need professional looking images of their employees for print or posting online.

Headshot Portrait

Austin Americana Photography Studio recently worked with professionals at Texan Eye to create in house portraits of optometrists and specialists in the environment where they work.  (See examples below)

Our clients have the freedom to choose where they will be photographed – natural, outdoor environment; studio environment; onsite/on location for corporate work environment.

Examples of clients for whom we’ve created beautiful, professional looking photos:

– Physician/Optometrist Offices;

– Fine Art/Media Clientele;

– Musicians;

– Individual/Personal

– Actors;

– Corporate Professionals

black and white outdoor headshots in Austin, Texas

Office Manager Portrait Photo

Corporate Headshot

Doctor Portrait Photo

Austin, Texas Headshot Portrait

12 Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Wedding Photographer.

I’ve written several times about what separates serious professional photographers from any person off of the street who has a Digital SLR. I certainly don’t want to discourage the “newbie” who’s just starting out and learning about photography, but I’m continually hearing horror stories from brides and other wedding professionals about how a “photographer” was hired to photograph a wedding and didn’t deliver in one way or another.

First, let me say that there’s nothing wrong with a person who’s interested in photography going out and buying a new DSLR and experimenting with it; there’s no better way to learn that through experimentation with your camera. That’s how I started out as a photographer and many other photographers start out using the self-taught method as well. Where new photographers have to be careful though is in being aware of the range of their abilities and knowing when to say “no”.

If you’re new to photography and you don’t fully understand how your DSLR camera works (be honest with yourself) and your friend who’s getting married next week asks you to photograph their wedding what do you say? Many “newbie” photographers gladly say yes and are hopeful that everything will turn out well. If you’ve explained your inexperience to the bride and that you wouldn’t feel comfortable shooting the wedding and she insists, you should still say “no”.  Why? Weddings are significant, milestone events in a person’s life that happen once and can’t be re-created. This scenario is definitely not the time to experiment with your new camera, at least not in an official capacity.

But many amateur photographers have gone a step further and actually solicited weddings far below standard wedding photography rates, only to confess later (after serious failure) that they were not prepared for the demands that a wedding can impose on a photographer.

I personally feel very passionate about this subject (bad wedding photography) because in many cases the events surrounding the unraveling of good wedding photography can be prevented by good habits, good technique and preparation. Here are 12 things you don’t want to hear from your wedding photographer, all loosely based on true stories.

1. Oops! I just accidentally deleted all your wedding photos from my compact flash card (CF Card).

2. Oh, sorry. I’m no longer in the photography business and I don’t have archive copies of your wedding photos/digital images/negatives.

3. The good news is that I have your wedding images; the bad news is that I’m going to have to charge you more than I had told you before.

4. [On location, at your wedding] I’m not feeling well and I have to leave now. Sorry about not being able to shoot your wedding.

5.  Oops, I forgot to load my camera with film. Can we re-do those photos?

6. [On location, at your wedding] Umm, I forgot to print the bridal/engagement print you ordered. Oh well…

7. Sorry I’m late. (insert excuse for being late here)

8. I know some people in your wedding party said I was hitting on the guests, but I really wasn’t. Honest.

9. [On location, at your wedding] What’s wrong with me wearing flip flops and jeans to your wedding? It’s cool, right?!

10. I know I told you that I could shoot your wedding next week, but I’m going to have to cancel on you because I have another wedding.

11. I’m having equipment issues. Can we re-do those shots?

12. I don’t normally drink this much when I work at a wedding. I don’t know what happened!

All of the 12 things listed above are from situations where an amateur had the opportunity to be professional and do the right thing, but did not. Don’t let these things happen to you. Talk to friends and family who have worked with a professional near you. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional photographer with a track record. You’ll be glad you did.