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Trash The Dress: Tubing On A River

Ok, so I’m not sure if this qualifies as trashing the dress, which has been all the rage for the past few years, but it was definitely one of the more fun shoots I’ve had as a photographer in the past few years. And I think it’s a great idea.

Julia and Rick, who were married at Chapel Dulcinea in 2008 are featured tubing down the Guadalupe River here in Central Texas. A lot of brides tell me that they wouldn’t be willing to “trash” their wedding dress just to tube the Guadalupe River. But my bride and groom were more than excited about tubing in their wedding attire. And I have to give them credit for getting up relatively early on a spring morning to hop into a tube on the icy-coldGuadalupe River!

I knew this would be the perfect photo-op for my newlyweds, given the history of how they met. Julia and Rick met on a tubing trip to the Guadalupe River with friends – a trip that would eventually lead them both down the aisle together. So when I pitched the idea of the shoot to them they were surprised and excited.

As a result of the great images we were able to capture of Julia and Rick tubing in their wedding garb, the two became minor celebrities. Several of the photos from the event were featured on my Wedding old Website and at my old display at David’s Bridal here in Austin. Frequently when I meet with new clients they ask me about the shoot of the bride and groom on the river, which always brings a smile to my face…

Oh, and I’ve been holding on to a great *NEW* and fantastic idea for a “trash the dress” session, so if you’re interested let me know. Email me at

Bride and Groom Tubing on the Guadalupe River

Tubing Down The Guadalupe River

Black & White Photo of Bride & Groom Tubing


Tubing Bride & Groom

Mercury Hall Wedding

Located near St. Edwards University in south central Austin, there’s a little wedding spot that not everyone knows about: Mercury Hall. Mercury Hall is special for a lot of reasons: It’s a 100-plus-year-old church, it’s located in the heart of Austin and it’s been featured in a Hollywood movie.

inside of mercury hall

Located in the Galindo neighborhood off of South 1st Street Mercury Hall is an elegant, old church structure on 4 acres of beautiful trees and well maintained vegetation. The church chapel is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows, hardwood flooring and simple white accent colors – which give the entire church a classic Americana look.

According to the Mercury Hall Website, the wooden church building was built in 1904 in Mercury, Texas (located northwest of Austin), where it was long used as a place to worship and for event gatherings. It began operating as a wedding and event center in Austin, Texas in 1997.

“Mercury Hall hails from 120 miles Northwest of Austin, where surveyors claim the geographic center of Texas is located. Built in 1904 by the inhabitants of the frontier town of Mercury for use as a church, the chapel survived two major fires that reduced Mercury from an eager young town to the quiet country settlement (pop. 166) it remains today. Sunday services, weddings and prayer meetings were held in the building for more than eighty years until the decision was made in 1996 to construct a modern building for the congregation.” –

Mercury Hall is also somewhat famous for being featured in a Hollywood movie: “Waking Life”, released in 2001 – directed and created by Richard Linklater, a Texas director and producer.

Last year, I was privileged to be the official photographer for a wedding at Mercury Hall which featured well known Texas musicians and artists alike. I greatly enjoyed being there to capture all the wonderful moments during the wedding and reception and I look forward to my next photography event at Mercury Hall.

Mercury Hall is capable of facilitating both small and large weddings and events – up to 250 people. It regularly hosts luncheons, meetings, musical/artistic performances and more. Parking is available both onsite and on the street (Cardinal Lane).

Want to visit or learn more?

Address: 615 Cardinal, Austin 78704-6934
Hours: Hours by appointment

Phone: 512.236.1226