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A Book For Wedding Photographers (Or Anyone)

I just wanted to share a book that I recently read that I really enjoyed that’s a quick read and I highly recommend:

It’s called “the accidental millionaire” by Gary Fong. The reason I read it is because it was a gift from a family member and I was naturally interested because Gary Fong is a famous wedding photographer, inventor and entrepreneur. I realize that everyone might not connect with the book in the same way I did, but this one is a really fun read because it is so conversational and such an honest, intimate look at one man’s life and struggles. There’s really not much in the book about making millions (which is probably a good thing) – only the philosophy of thinking about things in a different way and having fun while doing it. I like to think of it as the modern, simpler version of “Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance”.

One of my favorite little nuggets of information comes at the very end of the book (page 260 of 264):

Gary says, “When you’re passionately preparing for one thing, the universe may be preparing you for something else. As long as you’re actively and creatively preparing for something, you’re usually on the right track.”

I got the photo of the book above from, where Gary’s book is currently listed less than $11! Go grab it today!